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Happy Eid Mubarakk everybodyyy :)


Happy Eid Mubarakk everybodyyy :)

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Nenek:Ina tadi makan ape?
Me:Sabsuka la yang nenek masak tu
Nenek:Suka tak?
nenek being punny
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"Some days it storms,
some days it shines.
This is how flowers grow."
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Woah woah trials trials

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ramadhan is passing quickly and tbh I am nothing but sad bout it cause I feel I didn’t make full use of it. but alhamdulillah managed to terawih and gained ilmu. I desire nothing but to meet ramadhan again next year inshaAllah aameen. 

on a side note, met old friends ytd for buka which i was late for heh and terawih. Ive never expected to say this but I miss them. alhamdulillah we got to chat and laugh at mccafe after terawih but hahaha farid extra. but astarghfirullah jokes got a lil out of hand as usual with the 95s. Oh Allah forgive me. 

and so thankful hilman took some time to come down to T1 to give me a box of honey cornflakes he made. so very thankful he’s around. if you’re reading this, I love you sweetheart <3

alhamdulillah for everything. 

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Today was a rough day astarghfirullah.

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Menguji kesabaran man lol hah

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The World is Supporting you Palestine →


Amazing sight, Amazing Support from people all around the world this past weekend. You will not get this report in the major news outlet. I applaud you all for showing your support. Hang in there Palestine I know it don’t mean much but you will get your reward some how and some way. We are all…

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